Fees – Counselling sessions Fees are flexible and I operate a sliding scale depending on your circumstances. I prefer that sessions are paid on a session by session basis, if you miss a session without 24 hours’ notice you will be charged the full fee. If you need to reschedule I will work with you to find a mutually convenient time to rebook the session. The fees cover supervision, insurance, BACP membership, and other related costs.

Time – We will agree on a regular time to meet. I will give you plenty of notice of any holiday breaks I may have. If I have to reschedule a session, I will give you as much notice as possible.

Ending your Counselling -If we have agreed to an unspecified number of sessions, please give one month’s notice before discontinuing counselling. This is so we can bring things to an appropriate ending and ensure you have a plan and all the relevant support in place for moving forward.

Content of Sessions -This is totally your choice.I will provide you a safe place to talk about whatever is concerning you. I will support you to explore your thoughts and feelings around the concern. And in helping you come to feel more comfortable with what you discover.

For more detailed information please get in touch,
and for us to decide what support is appropriate for you.